Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are taxes due?
A: Summer taxes are billed July 1 and are due on September 14th. Winter taxes are billed December 1 and are due on February 14th.

Q: What is the fiscal year of the tax bill?
A: The tax bill itself has no fiscal year. The individual taxing units have their own fiscal years as follows:
Washtenaw County: January 1 thru December 31
Webster Township: April 1 thru March 31
Schools: July 1 thru June 30
State Education: October 1 thru September 30
For School districts that bill in the summer, the summer bill is for July 1 thru December 31

Q: How are assessed values determined?
A: The value of the land, plus the well, waste disposal system and all buildings are added together to come up with an estimate of Market Value. The assessed value is set, by the Constitution of the State of Michigan, at 50% of Market Value.

Q: Is the Township Hall available to rent?
A: Yes, the hall may be rented to Webster Township residents only . There is a form to be completed after reading the Rental Policy. The completed application shall be submitted with a $75.00 deposit and rental fee of $175.00.The deposit will be refunded after the next regular township board meeting if all the conditions on the application have been met.

Q: What is the cable company that services Webster Township?
A: The Loch Alpine Area: Comcast, Ann Arbor 734-973-2266 or 1-888-266-2278
The rest of the Township: Charter Communications:

The Township cannot answer questions, nor solve problems related to billing and service of your cable company. If you have a complaint about either, please put it in writing to the cable company and send a copy to the Township.

Q: When do the various boards meet and where are their meetings?
Township Board : Third Tuesday of every month.
Planning Commission: Third Wednesday of every month.
Zoning Board of Appeals: Second Tuesday of the month as a meeting is needed.
All meetings are held at 7:30 PM the Township Hall. Planning Commission Meetings are at 7:00 PM

Q: What are the procedures for obtaining a building permit?
A: The first step in building any structure is to apply for a zoning permit from the township. An APPLICATION FOR ZONING PERMIT must be completed and submitted along with the following:
a. Three site plans showing how far from the property lines the structure will be set.
b. Three sets of building plans, two of which will be signed and returned to you.
c. Your name, address, phone number and parcel ID number should be on all documents.
d. For new home construction, you must also include a copy of the driveway permit from Washtenaw County.
e. The filing fee for Zoning Permits is $50.00. Filing fee for decks or interior remodeling is $25.00. Payable in cash or by check.
** If your project cannot meet the Zoning Ordinance requirements, you can apply to the ZBA for a variance. APPLICATION PACKET FOR ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS

Q: Does the Township accept credit cards for payment of services or taxes?
A: Taxes can be paid by credit card through the Tax and Assessing Online lookup page of this website. We cannot accept any credit card payments at the Township Hall

Q: How often are properties assessed?
A: Properties are assessed every year. Tax day is December 31st. Whatever is on the property on that day is assessed for the following year.

Q: How are land values determined?
A: Land values are determined through analysis of sales which have taken place in the Township during the past two years.

Q: How do I find out the cost of services at the Township?
A: Our Township Fee schedule is available here FEE SCHEDULE