- Amendments

Ordinance Amendments
Why are Ordinances primarily amended? What prompts the amendments?
  1. To remain current and responsive to the needs of the community and emerging trends;
  2. To clarify and refine existing language for consistent interpretation and enforcement;
  3. To align with state and federal laws.
  1. Master plan recommendations;
  2. Request by stakeholders (residents, owners etc.);
  3. Internal periodic review.

Amendments under Consideration
Following is a list of amendments under consideration. However, text amendments can take anywhere from a few months to several years, depending on how big and complicated the changes are. Sometimes, the changes might not even get approved. The draft language can be adjusted until it's officially adopted. 
No.  Topic Type  Status
22-ZTA-02 Keeping of Animals Zoning May 22, 2024 PC discussion
23-ZTA-01 Accessory Structures & Uses Zoning  May 22, 2024
23-ZTA-04 Stormwater Management Zoning Staff Review
23-GTA-04 Private Road Ordinance General Law TBD: Board Discussion
23-GTA-05 Home-based Business  General Law TBD: Board Discussion

Be Informed and Engage!
  • Understand the "WHY" and “WHAT”
  • Review agendas and drafts from all previous meetings to understand the context and discussion
  • Attend the meetings  Agendas can be found here
  • Share your concerns and comments
  • E‐mail the Commissioners or the Trustees
  • Reach out to the Township Planner to understand the process and draft better: 734‐426‐5103 | zoningadmin@webstermi.us
  • Track updates to learn more about the topic
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