Environmental Resources

Permit Categories for Wetlands, Inland Lakes and Streams, Great Lakes, and Floodplains (michigan.gov) –
Common categories that apply to homeowners include: GP C. Clear Span Bridge, GP G. Culverts and Bridges – Small, GP H. Culverts - Wetland Equalizer, MP 1. Bioengineering Practices for Stabilization of Inland Lake Shorelines, MP 2. Bioengineering Practices for Streams, MP 17. Driveway, MP 46. Riprap Shoreline Protection

Inland Lakes & Streams Protection (michigan.gov) – Includes links to Part 301 regulations

Wetlands (michigan.gov) – Includes links to Part 303 regulations

Are there wetlands on my property? (michigan.gov) – Includes links to the Wetland Identification Program, a list of Wetland consultants, and Pre-application meeting info.

EGLE ordinary high water mark - YouTube – takes you to 6 videos put together by EGLE to help explain/determine the OHWM

Introduction to the Ordinary High Water Mark - #1 - YouTube – first video in the OHWM series

Shoreline Protection (michigan.gov)

EGLE/USACE Joint Permit Application (michigan.gov) – EGLE permit application info

Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership - Home